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about the region

Argyle originated with the Grant of the Township by the Government of Nova Scotia in 1771. With the expulsion of the majority of the Acadians by 1759, settlers from the New England Colonies soon established in the area. With the return to Nova Scotia for some of the Acadian exiles in 1766, further settlements were established on the west side of Pubnico Harbour and on both shores of the lower end of the Tusket River. The next influx of settlers came in 1784 and 1785 when the Loyalists started to arrive from the American colonies. These people settled in various areas of the Township. From these three main groups most of the inhabitants of present day Argyle Municipality originate.

As the population increased in the 1760’s, development of industry and trade also grew. Shipyards were building vessels from sloops to full rigged ships that sailed all over the world. Lumber mills were established to provide building materials for the shipyards and also export cargos for them. Another important and growing industry was fisheries and it continues to be today.

about the property

The property includes 10+ Acres of land as well as a former school property built in the 1960’s and expanded in the 1970’s.  The building includes 1 and 2-story sections totalling 20628 square feet.

The property overlooks beautiful Lobster Bay which is an incredible sailing and fishing destination.  The area has a great cultural background and access to many great tourism attractions and culinary delights.

The property is close to the major hub of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and is approximately 2.5 hours drive to Halifax, Nova Scotia.


SEE & DO in NS

This region of Nova Scotia is loaded with things to see and do.

Explore our many beaches and seacoasts.

Explore our many attractions such as our lighthouses, museums, provincial parks, hiking trails and more.

Enjoy many of our sightseeing and guided tours by boat, kayak, bike or walking.

Experience our galleries, artisan shops and world-class restaurants throughout the region.



  • Water view from Argyle Sound East and Lobster Bay South
  • 10+ Acres of land
  • 1 Drilled Well
  • 1 Dug Well
  • 5000 Gallon Sewage Tank


  • Curved Paved driveway with paved parking
  • Access to property from Spring Road and South Access Road
  • Multiple House Lots Pre-Approved
  • Private Drive off Route #3

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